A Test Strip Designed to Save Lives

WiseBatch is the first & only full service provider of fentanyl testing resources & solutions. We provide solutions to help curb the effects of the opioid crisis in our communities.

Our Approach:


We are experts at connecting with leaders in order to understand the impact opioids are having within a community


We help determine the proper resources and methods to reduce harm and promote safe practices


WiseBatch provides written guides, videos, & virtual tutorials for many different testing scenarios because we recognize the physical tools are not always enough

WiseBatch is a dedicated and passionate group fighting diligently to help everyday people affected by the opioid crisis. We aim to provide the absolute highest quality products and educational tools in order to match the complexity of this growing health issue.

About Us


Our mission is to empower local communities by providing resources & education to encourage healthy behaviors & harm reduction practices that ultimately reduce opioid overdoses & save lives. 


Our vision is to be the premiere provider of Fentanyl testing solutions in North America while having a measurable impact in reducing fentanyl related injuries, hospitalizations, and deaths.

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Why Choose Us?

WiseBatch is the only producer of fentanyl testing solutions that is specifically focused on Harm Reduction efforts. Our expertise and knowledge rest in our ability to provide tools & information that are honest about the capabilities and limitations of testing. With the correct approach, we are confident that testing will help reduce overdoses and unnecessary suffering in our communities.

WiseBatch is more than just a harm reduction organization. We have a strong passion to make a positive difference in this world. We work with clients to ensure that user engagement is easy, meaningful & effective. We take a sincere interest in local communities and strive to help produce positive change.

Have a question about testing?

We can help you understand the benefits of fentanyl testing in your community. Let’s talk about what can be accomplished!

Let's work together to create safer communities

We want to work alongside you to provide training, resources & knowledge. WiseBatch provides more than just proper materials, because we believe in a comprehensive approach to testing that has proven to reduce harm.