About Us


WiseBatch was founded by 2 passionate friends who believe in a better approach to solving issues related to fentanyl overdose. Previous years of working within the Harm Reduction space had led us to a point of looking for better products & solutions that could be relied on. From there, we conducted extensive research on the most effective fentanyl testing technologies & methodologies that had been supported by current scientific literature. 

Based on our discoveries, we have developed unique products & approaches to help minimize the burden that fentanyl has had on so many individuals & communities.  Through our understanding of qualitative & quantitative inputs, we are confident in providing the highest quality products & services within the harm reduction space.

Our Values

Have community goals in mind?

We can help create appropriate solutions to the problems your community is facing. Let’s talk about how we can change & heal together.

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Let us together strengthen your community

When working with WiseBatch, you won’t be left to fix your community alone. With a combination of superior product knowledge & specifically tailored educational tools, we will help to best contribute our knowledge to reduce negative outcomes associated with fentanyl. If you are looking for the right social enterprise to guide & assist you through this challenging process, we are here to support you!