In the Resources section, you will find tons of information about testing methodologies and the approach most suitable for you.  We have written guides, videos, as well as a step-by-step guide that covers almost any testing scenario!

Written Guides

Our written guides explain testing scenarios in a simple & clear fashion. These are perfect for someone who wants to learn quickly, or who might need a quick refresher.

Videos Guides

More of a visual learner? Watch our step-by step-videos on how to test. We have several videos depending on the test scenario & preference, so the choice is yours!

Reporting System

The Positive Test Reporting System allows users to anonymously report a substance that has tested positive for fentanyl. We provide this information back to local organizations to keep communities safe!

Written Guides

Amphetamines & MDMA Guide
A specific protocol to test amphetamines & MDMA like substances for fentanyl.
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IV Users Guide
A comprehensive written approach to fentanyl testing for substances that are used intravenously.
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Powders & Pills Guide
A comprehensive written approach to testing powders & pills for fentanyl.
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Dangerous Dose Guide
A guide designed to identify a dangerous dose of fentanyl, please proceed with caution.
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Video Guides

Report a Positive Test

positive test button 01

Positive Test Result

Submit your test result to keep people in your community safe.

Interactive Guide

Fentanyl Testing Guide

all testing scenarios conveniently explained step by step.