Fentanyl Test Strip


The WiseBatch Fentanyl Test Strip has the ability to test for Fentanyl & several analogues, including but not limited to: acetylfentanyl, carfentanil, furanylfentanyl, acrylfentanyl, cyclopropylfentanyl, 2-fluorofentanyl, 3-fluorofentanyl, & 4-fluorofentanyl. The test strip includes simple instructions on how to use, as well as a scannable QR code that leads you to the resources section on our site where you can find a broad spectrum of testing education!


Specifications of this Fentanyl Test Strip Include:


  • Testing sensitivity to a concentration as low as 20 ng / ml
  • Results are displayed with a few minutes
  • Contains a 98% – 99% accuracy rating
  • 18 – 24 month shelf life


Fentanyl test strips from other sources may not detect certain analogues, and some may not work at all. There are only a handful of manufactured fentanyl test strips that have proven to be effective, therefore we have carefully selected our partners in developing out test strips.



WiseBatch’s fentanyl test strips can detect fentanyl and many of its known analogues, however, they cannot detect all of them (though this is very rare). A negative result, therefore, does not guarantee your drug sample is free from all synthetic opioids or is considered safe.